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5 Tips for Setting Your Potential Free

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We are all capable of greatness in our lives.  There is potential within each of us and we have only to look within to find our unique strength.life coach certification

As we look to our future, we create new plans and expectations for our lives.  Here a few powerful tips on how to unleash all that you are capable of so that you can ensure your success for the coming year and beyond.

  1. Know and Honor Your Values

A fulfilling life is one in which the most important beliefs and values you have are honored each and every day of your life.  Your values are already there inside of you.  When your values are expressed, life feels more fulfilling.  It’s important to recognize the connection between the values you possess and the choices you make in your life.  Those choices are filled with positive potential for you when your values are honored.

  1. Move Past Your Limiting Beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are those things you believe about yourself that place limitations on your abilities. They may be conscious or unconscious.  Limitations are actually a part of the mind.  In reality we have no limitations.  Determination always finds a way around obstacles.  Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can, or if you think you can’t – you’re right!”  It all depends on what you believe about yourself.  Unless you begin recognizing your own limiting beliefs and choose not to accept them, they will cause you to fail.  When you align the true core of who you are with your goals, you can tap into your fullest potential.

  1. Take on Successful Strategies

Success leaves an abundance of clues in its wake.  Identify someone who is successful in the same things you want then model what they are doing.  What you want could be a great business, relationship or a fit body.  Remember, they aren’t lucky; they just have strategies that work.

  1. Intensify Your Will Power

Willpower is the ability to exert one’s will over one’s actions.  Willpower manifests as inner firmness, decisiveness, determination, resolution and persistence.  It’s inevitable that life will hit us with some sort of crushing blow.  If you face it head on, it will give you the psychological strength.  View it as a gift and find a way to use it.

  1. Give to Get

The meaning of our lives is shaped by what we give, not what we get.  Many people want to get before they give.  Over the long haul, this outlook never works.  Instead, focus on creating value for others because when you do this, you will get a return that far exceeds your investment.



Values: What Matters Most

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Our Values

If I was to ask you what your values are, would you be
able to name them?
This is actually a really important question when you
consider the fact that our happiness is directly linked to our
Whether we realize it or not, values influence our
behaviors, choices and emotions.
They influence our habits, our lifestyle and, in a broader
sense, our way of being and interacting in the world.
So it’s supremely important that we get to know what our
values are and be able to name them.
The best place to start in figuring out your values is to identify what matters most to you.
By answering a few questions we can make the concept of our values more clear. Attached are four questions to help you start considering your unique values. By simply looking at what you regard as valuable, both in monetary and non-monetary ways, you can determine what your core values are.


Values share the common thread of expressing
what matters most to a person, what that person
feels is essential to their happiness.
Conversely, it also means that if we are not happy
then it’s a safe bet that we are not living in alignment with
what matters most.

I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to complete the attached exercise.

Worksheet # 1 – “The Concept of Value”

Give a response to each of the following three questions.

  1.  What would you buy if you suddenly had an extra $500.00 and had to spend it within the next 24 hours?
2. If your home was on fire and you could save three things, what objects would you save?  All people and pets are safe and sound.
3.   If you could change one thing about the world, what would you change?
4. If you had all the time in the world, and you could spend more time on one thing, what would it be?

Your responses:

Finding God’s Path for Your Life

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Finding God’s Path for Your Life

Part 2

I am so much like the GPS commercial when the GPS says “turn right” and I drive into a building. But, you know, it isn’t just in seeking a specific physical location that we can get lost or “drive into” something that stops us cold. In the course of life, have you ever felt that you were “off course” not sure which direction to go? Or, has something happened, beyond your control, that sets your head spinning so you don’t know the right direction?

After my frustrating experience with the GPS, I thought, how could I have avoided that frustration? Where did I go wrong? I followed all the directions , but I arrived at the wrong place!

Do you look around you and see that you thought you were following directions, but somehow ended up in the wrong place? A place of loneliness, emptiness or just feeling that you are not accomplishing what you thought you would in life?

I remember, after many years in sales, working for a huge pharmaceutical company, looking up one day from the constant stress and the tunnel vision jobs can put us in and thinking, “ I want to do something bigger than this, I want to reach beyond this tunnel vision and see the world, the people around me and their needs. Do you ever feel like you are in a tunnel and you are being swept along with the details of jobs and family and other influences?

For me the wake up call came when I began to listen to myself and look inside instead of out at the tasks I needed to complete. I heard a message about creating our legacy and what others will remember about us when we are gone. This started me thinking about my life and how I was spending my time and what I would be remembered for. Sales, hard work, travel- surely, this couldn’t be all there was to me? I started praying that I would be used for something bigger than myself, to find my purpose in this life beyond the day-to-day requirements.

At this point, I was defined by my job, by what I did to earn a living. Then, in August 2010, I lost my job. This was a real turning point in my life. All of a sudden, I looked in the mirror and asked,” who is this person?” What do I do now?” I didn’t know who I was outside of what I did. I lost my mom that same year and all of these events forced me to look at who I really am. I began to search for, what I call, My sacred path, the path that is unique to me and what purpose was I created to fill.

We all have a “Sacred Path”, a unique purpose that only we can fulfill. I can tell you that when you are on your path, you will feel complete, content and you will know in your heart of hearts that you are doing what you are meat to do. This doesn’t always mean just what you do to make a living, but it is about that place in your life that is uniquely you – where you find joy and peace.   You can have that place outside of your job and it will make you a happier and more productive employee because you know who you are and what your purpose is.

Stay tuned for Part 3

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