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  • NEXT Course starts September 18, 2018 at 5pm PST/8pm EST – Online 24 Week Course ( 1 Weekly 2 hour Class/Tuesdays)

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Coaching Program Overview

In this Christian based  certification program, you will learn how to help clients explore and integrate their faith in God, resolve their life challenges and create amazing results. You will be trained to use practical and powerful tools, which tap into your client’s deepest, innermost resources. This training promises to be a life-changing, inspiring and empowering experience!

What we can help you achieve

Once you have successfully completed this  training  you will be a Certified Christian Coach (C.C.C.) You’ll be able to help clients make progress with all areas of their life. This program is taught in a Christian environment, and it will prepare you to work with clients from every walk of life.

This Coaching Program Teaches:

  • 25 Coaching Tools and Techniques that Produce Results
  • 11 International Coach Federation Core competencies
  •  Complete Coaching Model to Guide you Through the Coaching Process
  • The Differences between Ministry,Coaching,Counseling, and Mentoring
  • Key Strategies to Help Your Client Stay Motivated and On Track
  • Tools for Overcoming Resistance, Fear, and Insecurities
  • Processes to help your client deepen their relationship with God through Jesus Christ, His Son.

We’ll also teach you the Business of Coaching:

  • Establish a Spiritually Conscious Business in a relatively short time
  • Learn the Practical Aspects of Setting Up Your Business
  • Customizable Forms, Worksheets & Methodology to use in Your Practice
  • Finally Do the Work You Were Meant To Do

And Marketing your Coaching, which includes:

  • Learn to Market in a way that comes from the Heart, Touches and Inspires People
  • Receive Instructor Guidance on a Tailored Marketing Strategy
  • Turn Free Consultations into a Full Coaching Practice
  • Creating a Powerful Web Presence
  • Speeches & Workshops that fill Your Practice
  • How to present Spiritual topics in a way that is catchy and marketable
  • Creating a continuous Stream of Referrals
  • Identify Your Natural Marketing Style and Niche
  • Life Long Support to Ensure Your Success

I have just completed the Christian Coaching Course with Bonnie Weiss. It was an amazing 17 weeks with a wonderful group of women from East Coast to West Coast and in-between! Bonnie skillfully led us through life coaching skills, keeping in mind the presence and work of the Holy Spirit within us. The course perspective was a reminder that God’s Holy wisdom is available to us through every challenge, transition or problem we face in life. Bonnie wove that Christian integration into teaching life coaching and spiritual coaching tools. I thoroughly enjoyed the course work and instruction, and I hope that I can emulate Bonnie’s gentle style when I begin my work as a Christian Life Coach.

Cindy Peaslee