What is Christian Coaching

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Would you like to inspire others to unlock the power of God in their lives? Become a Christian Life Coach and discover how God can minister through you in a unique way.

What is Christian Coaching?

 It is about empowering others to draw from the infinite resources of the Holy Spirit to live lives that are pleasing to God and that lead to fulfillment, peace and joy.

A life coach is someone who encourages, motivates and supports a person through a season of life. A “Christian life coach” is a Christian who is trained as a professional life coach and who includes Christian values and perspectives  in the coaching process.

Coaching, from the Christian perspective, is focused on what God wants for our lives instead of focusing on what we want.

A Christian Coach helps others unlock the power of God in their lives so that they can be all that God intends for them to be. The Christian Coach guides others as they  develop goals and encourages them to seek the path that God has set before them.

A Christian Coach will ask specific, well placed questions that will help the client find a more eternal purpose and move from trying to fulfill personal agendas to pursuing God’s plan and purpose.

            Christian Coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where God wants   them to be. Gary Collins, Christian Coaching, NavPress


Coaching is about helping people move forward in their lives by creating positive change and setting and achieving goals. It is a process for getting unstuck, removing barriers and obstacles to advance career development, manage transition and clear conflict in relationships or personal development.

It is focused on deepening the level of relationship with God in order to live in a place of peace, contentment and joy.

Christian Coaching is a ministry, helping people find God’s vision in all of life’s challenges and living accordingly. It is based on seeking the answers from God and from His revealed will in the Bible. It is centered on a deeper relationship with the sovereign God through Jesus Christ and desiring to follow His plan and path for life. Christian Coaches guide others to find God’s will for them and thus find the fulfillment, joy and peace they seek in life. Christian Coaching helps the client think things through in a structured way, drawing attention to God’s given strengths, talents and gifts.

Christians pray for and with clients and desire for them to become a more devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to earth to lead people to God and to show us how to lead lives of abundant joy. Jesus came to reconcile us to God the Father so that we could have a personal relationship with him through the Holy Spirit. It could be said that coaching was at the core of how Jesus related to people.



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