Earn Christian Life Coach Certification

Often a Christian coach will include prayer in her sessions with a client. The Christian coach will often pray for a client between sessions, and most certainly will ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance for working with a client prior to a session. Most Christian Life Coaches consider themselves God’s vessel to assist his people in becoming all he intends by helping them through life’s challenges and in celebrating life’s joys with them. Therefore make sure you opt for the best Christian life coach certification.

Christian life coach certification

Pastors usually have training in counseling

Certified Life Coaches have studied and trained specifically so that they have a different tool set than a pastor or counselor. Christian Life Coaches like to look at the bigger picture, the picture outside of a church setting, and they like to focus on possibilities and dreams. The usually love helping dreams take flight. Often pastors don’t have the interest or time to do that specifically for an individual. Hence choose the best and the most suitable Christian life coach certification and avail the benefits.

Christian Life Coaching, is similar to secular life coaching, but with the Christian perspective. It is much different than a church mentoring or discipleship program. A mentor is someone that is usually either more mature or has been involved in something longer than the person being mentored and is passing her skill or knowledge down. Mentoring is about one person teaching another about what they know, or generally just being interested in their life and showing they care. Therefore opt for the best Christian life coach certification and turn into a coach.

Discipleship is a process whereby one Christian teaches Bible truths to another. Life coaching, on the other hand, is a process of asking probing questions to the person being coached so that personal discoveries are made. Christian Life coaches desire to help a person being coached draw closer to God, become encouraged and supported so they can better fulfill their God-given purpose. It means that you are never satisfied with just the things you know; you want to be updated of your surroundings. Therefore choose to get Christian life coach certification and turn into a life coach.

Christian life coach certification

As a Christian Life Coach they have been called to make a difference in the world. We have been called to share and spread the love of Christ through coaching. We have been called to be leaders for “such a time as this. Being a Christian Life Coach is very rewarding and fulfilling. It helps you to understand why you have been called to this profession. It helps you to understand the dynamics of coaching for Christ. We as Christian Life Coaches must continue to discover our how, so that we can continue to assist our clients in living the life that they deserve to live. Hence opt for the best Christian life coach certification to turn into a life coach.

Life coach certifications are not meant as just trophies. They mean that you have learned new techniques. It comes from admitting that you do not know everything. You go and explore different techniques of counseling and couching from different perspectives and cultures. You search for ways to apply those techniques in your job. Life coach certifications are needed in your job as a counselor. Having certificates prove that you love your craft. It shows that you want to learn new techniques in order to cater more effectively to your clients. Therefore opt for Christian life coach certification and turn into a life coach.

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